Friday, September 10, 2010

Music from the core of the Earth

AHHH BOI.... I LOVE MUSIC! I found three good artists I'm no doubt in love with.
Stay with me and please can I have some feed back.  We, artists out here are in need of support. Shoot, you and the rest of world is sitting up in bed wondering how we're gonna feed ourselve much less help another.  But remeber good art and music feeds a hungry mind... gives it power. Trash with KILL and Murder billions at a time.  So with that said a little support goes a long way.  If not the album, a track or two on iTunes. You Dig?

Solillaquists of Sound :
Talented beyond words.. It's like the first time I listened to the Linkin Park; Reanimation Album, But GOD knows They're so much much better.

Aloe Blac:
Why isn't this man at the Grammys? Ahhh, let me rephase; Why isn't this man winning a Grammy?

Sarah Blasko:
I haven't heard a voice this sexy in a while.

 I stumbled across her while watching an MTV application on my Apple Tv.  She has a beautiful but haunting voice. I thought I could listen to this while driving to work. I melt to her album ALMOST every morning. Don't want to tire of such a lovely talent.

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