Sunday, September 12, 2010



I'm a black woman, who's hopes to have children one day. My boyfriend and I do have "Locs" (dreadlocks) and my friends and family assumes we'll have children with "Locs" as well. Personally I don't want to lock my children's hair. I think that's a personal discussion made on a spiritual level, or however you see it. I locked my hair because I wanted to try something new. I believed it was time for change; by grounding myself and preparing to start a family. I made "Locs" a part of my transition.  My boyfriend is awesome, spiritual and disciplined. He wants us to be a family with "Locs." So we're in a constant battle about locking our first child's hair.

Let me know what are your thoughts about locking a child's hair?

I came across this inspirational family on They are taking out their son Khalil's "Locs." We can see (in this video), "Locs" can be untangled without a problem. As long as the coiled- locked in pattern is not complicated.

It's such a turn on to hear a man talk about how beautiful natural hair is; either it be the natural hair of a Black woman, Latina, Asian, Caucasian, etc. I personally do not have a distorted image about the effects of perms and relaxers. Perms make straighter hair curly while relaxers makes curly hair straighter.   Hair is whatever. Wear it curly, long, straight, short, permed or relaxed. My issues are based on chemicals and how they are used. Some women  and even men abuse perms and relaxers, leaving their hair and scalp abused. Anything that can burn it's way through a beverage can, can't possibly be good for your health.