Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Testicular Implants for Dogs

I think I've just about heard it all. Never mind breast implants, calf, cheek, and butt implants, but now people can "opt" for testicular implants for their dogs. These implants are called Neuticles and they're not just for male dogs. The fake testes are also made for male horses, cats, and bulls as well.

 "Neuticles - testicular implants for dogs that look and feel like the real thing - are said to boost a pet's self-esteem by replacing what was lost. It's a procedure that's becoming increasingly popular in New York."

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How in the world would anyone know how dogs feel after cutting off their "nuts?"  If you ask me its the master who feels guilt for giving the go ahead, by neutering his "best friend." I don't believe in neuticles or neutering. It's inhumane. Take a look at these videos.

The things people invent

Kim Kardashian takes her dog Rocky to get neutered and the
veterinarian offers neuticles as an option after the surgery.

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