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OK, I've been natural since possibly high school.  I was going through that perm- meets- micro braids-meets finally virgin hair phase. I call it a phase, because I didn't truly wear my own hair; you know weaves, braids etc. When I finally loved my "fro" was when I woke up one morning, wet it, and realized I could really go out in public without feeling like a complete mess. I loved my coils and delighted in it.  I finally locked up in 2006, YAY!!!. WHY? you ask, if you asked. I wanted to try something new. It wasn't about a new founded religion, finding myself, or being as natural as possible. I was simply tired of the same "OL' DO." Locs aren't a mystery. If you want to start them. Simply figure out the size and what products you like to use in them. To wash my hair; I use anything I could find that lathers and smells good.. Clarifying shampoo are the best for any hair types. You could find it at your near by liquidators, CVS, RITE-AIDE, DUANE REED on SALE. I don't suggest anyone pay full price. I barely every condition my hair. But let the rumors rest; you can condition your hair as often and wash your hair as often as you wish. Shampooing tangles your hair, a MUST to the process of locs. As far as maintaining it's healthy appearance. I use two must have products. 1) Natural Elegance Lock UP: Shea &  Coco Butter. 2) Herbe Life Productions; Crown Heights, Rosemary Hemp Hair oil (Liquid Gold).
Herb N Life Crown Heights

Crown Heights is a healing, styling & profiling Rosemary Hemp hair oil. This principal product combines the power of Rosemary Essential Oil, Olive Oil, Hemp and Castor Oils to create a invigorating hair oil that promotes shine and manageability all with an amazing scent and feel. This products works great as a hot oil treatments and as an anti-frizz serum. Another excellent use of product is as a pomade before styling, straighting or blow drying hair.

This oil is a warm, sweet and enticing experience. It is a rich oil that gracefully absorbs into the scalp and hair evenly. It leaves hair shiny and full of body. The vanilla / myrrh essence is sweet and seductive while the rosemary stimulates and invigorates.

8 oz. / 230 grams

US$ 16.00


 Natural Elegance Lock Up

Imparts excellent holding and molding properties to your hair, keeping newly twisted or braided styles, silky smooth and lubricated.

 Starting at: $6.99
 Two sizes available: 5 oz. / 10 oz.

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